Charlotte Resources for Helping Asylum Seekers

In addition to two major resettlement agencies, Catholic Charities and Carolina Refugee Resettlement Agency, located in Charlotte to help refugees get settled in their new land, Charlotte also have several other agencies that help all migrants. Asylum seekers have many fewer ways to seek help as they try to make a home in Charlotte while also preparing for immigration court to defend their asylum claim.

Two resources located on Central Avenue are important for all asylum seekers to know about. They also can always use volunteers if you are interested.

Galilee Ministries of East Charlotte (GMEC), is an exciting venture of the Episcopal Diocese of North Carolina. Our goal is to provide a welcoming place of learning, service, and fellowship on the east side of Charlotte. We are located in The Galilee Center at 3601 Central Avenue, between Briar Creek Road and Eastway Drive.

The Galilee Center serves as a meeting place for refugees, immigrants, and other residents of the city, and is supported and managed by Galilee Ministries of East Charlotte. We offer commercial kitchen space, a community garden, and space for special events.  We are able to host a variety of non-profits who work together to provide vital services, including English classes, citizenship classes, life skills classes, after-school programs, a food pantry, cross-cultural counseling services, gleaned fresh vegetables, and mentoring for new food-based businesses.

Galilee Ministries of East Charlotte
3601 Central Ave
Charlotte,  NC 28205
(704) 900-5210

Refugee Support Services (RSS) helps refugees “arrive, survive, and thrive.”  When refugees arrive in Charlotte, they are helped by CRRA for the first 90 days, but then they are on their own.  That’s where RSS steps in to help … in 2006 RSS was founded and has continued to grow and evolve.  RSS facilitates rich relationships between refugees and the Charlotte community through the “Fruitful Friendships” program and assisting the refugee population at the weekly Help Center location.

Refugee Support Services
Galilee Center
3601 Central Avenue
Charlotte, NC  28205
Phone:  704-458-3245
Fax:  704-535-8806

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