First-Hand Experiences: Honduras

At a recent AIR training, AIR members, Cate Stadelman and Tom Ponsonby, mentioned they had just returned from a outreach trip to Honduras. El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras, also known as the Northern Triangle, are consistently rank among the most violent countries in the world. (Click Here to learn more about the Northern Triangle).  Here are some highlights from their trip:

“My husband and I have been to Honduras four times.  We support a Honduran-run school for impoverished children, some of them orphans.  This school, El Hogar Ministries, provides superior academics and vocational training or college prep for boys and girls, all at no cost to the families.  In addition to schooling, room, and board, the school provides medical and dental care. The teachers and staff are all Honduran and are great role models for the kids to become productive citizens of their country.  We support El Hogar because we believe that their approach can break the cycle of poverty in Honduras, one child at a time. ” 

“This 40-year-old program currently has one elementary school campus and 3 secondary school campuses. In response to changing conditions within Honduras, they plan to consolidate the secondary schools so that they can more efficiently offer academics, vocational training in electricity, carpentry and welding, and preparation for college for boys and girls.  With this opportunity to learn the students can improve their lives and their country, and become able to support themselves and a family with no need to migrate to another country. “

“In addition to spending time with these delightful students, ages 6-17, volunteers like my husband and myself are given opportunities to learn about Honduran society, history, culture, and current conditions including corruption, violent crime, and gangs.  After visiting the homes of the severely impoverished, talking with them and with school staff, and visiting the Museum of Honduran Identity, volunteers can become advocates for Honduras.  Many volunteers also sponsor children at the school and encourage others to do so.”

“We plan to continue our relationship with El Hogar Ministries as they carry on with the school and as they develop new programs such as temporary housing for at-risk children and their mothers. ” 

For more information about this trip contact Cate Stadelman

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