Charlotte Migrant Assistance Project – Continues to Serve

Migrant Assistance Project, a Charlotte-based grassroots, volunteer group is still up and running. They are meeting two buses at the Charlotte Greyhound Station almost every day, providing food, clothing and toiletries to asylum-seeking Central American migrants who have recently been released from detention centers in Texas. From a high of 600+ migrants per week this summer, they are now greeting between 20 and 45 men, women and children per week.  Several buses each week do not have any asylum-seekers, but their volunteers continue to go just in case there is someone in need.  They have affiliated with Travelers Aid International [Community Link here in Charlotte], and are in ongoing negotiations with Greyhound, and hope to be able to return to serving inside the station.  Most of the people they greet have been held in Mexico awaiting their hearings, and it’s unclear how and why they have been released.  Many are from Mexico, some from Haiti and Cuba, and the others are from the Northern Triangle.  Most of the Greyhound bus greeters across the Eastern half of the country also remain up and running, providing assistance where they can.  They all remain on hold, awaiting  the court’s ruling on the unjust and cruel Migrant Protection Protocol which has more than 50,000 desperate asylum-seekers trapped in Mexican border towns with very few resources.  Until, hopefully, the policy is overruled and these people are again allowed to enter the U.S. to go to their sponsors to await their court hearings, there are many groups providing aid across the border, one of the most notable being Team Brownsville.  Every day this team crosses into Matamoros to feed and supply up to 1,000 migrants living on the streets in tent cities there. They are in great need of donations.

AIR salutes the Migrant Assistance Project which is working every day to — Welcome Immigrants to America.

To find out more about Migrant Assistance Project go to:

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